Rainbow Six Siege North American Rostermania

This offseason of the R6 North American League saw the most roster changes being made. From European players moving across the pond to entire rosters being dumped, no teams looks like they did just 2 months ago. Here's a quick rundown and keep you up to date here is the official 2023 R6 NAL Roster changes. Gone but not Forgotten The season saw two orgs not only drop their roster but also leave the competitive scene. Former Siege Invitational champs TSM and the 4th place team from the most recent SI, Astralis, are no longer a part of the North American League. While both orgs have their reasons for leaving the scene this left all 10 players and the coaching staff as free agents, being able to sign with any team they wish. New Faces, Same Name The offseason saw three teams drop their entire roster and replace them with, hopefully for the orgs, better talent. Mirage, beastcoast, and Parabellum each have 5 new faces representing their colors and hope for better success than they have had in the past.  Mirage  -Hyper +Kanzen (Soniqs) -Benjimoola +Rampy (Spacestation Gaming) -Melted +Yeti (Spacestation Gaming) -Dexter +Surf (beastcoast) -Mohesse +DPFire (Astralis)   beastcoast -AnthonyMGS +Doq (Parabellum) -Slashug +Hat (Reality TV) -Surf +Hyper (Mirage) -Xeno +MrB (Reality TV) -Ferda +VertcL (Oxygen)   Parabellum -KoolAid +LaXing (Elevate/Oxygen) -BlaZ +Skys (DarkZero) -Doq +Spiker (Arial Arise Academy) -Packer +Spiff (Astralis) -Silent +Phish   M80 and Spacestation both made a few roster changes as well. While not to the extreme of the previously mentioned teams they made two and three moves respectively. M80 -SpiriTz +Iconic (Astralis) -Yoggah +Spoit (KOI)   Spacestation -Bosco +Merc (TSM) -Rampy +Forrest (Astralis) -Yeti +J90 (Astralis)   Almost Ran it Back Oxygen and DarkZero both made a single roster move. Coming off of their runs at SI they hope that these moves will be able to keep them atop the best teams in the NAL while they pursue their own potential championship runs. Oxygen -VertcL +Yoggah (M80)   DarkZero -Skys +Achieved (TSM)   Ran it Back The only team to not make any changes to their roster during this offseason was the Soniqs. Although they made their big offseason acquisition before SI and with a disappointing performance at the event, the Soniqs have decided to let the team be and see if more time together will be able to get the team into championship contention.

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