The League Championship Series Spring Playoffs have been underway this month, with the Finals matchups coming to a head this weekend. The top North American teams have been duking it out on the Rift this past season in hopes to qualify for the playoffs and the subsequent Mid-Season Invitational. With some notable teams already out of contention, this weekend will see some of the all-time favorites compete against for the title of LCS Spring Champion.

The Story So Far

With the first two rounds of the playoffs occurring earlier this month, we’ve seen FlyQuest, Golden Guardians, and Cloud9 get knocked out and take the lower three places. Leaving Team Liquid, Evil Geniuses, and 100 Thieves in contention for taking the whole thing. The three remaining teams were amongst the top four in the regular season standings, which could potentially lead to some highly contentious Finals matches.

Team Liquid can be seen as a favorite to take the whole thing, as they finished the regular season as the top team with a 14-4 record. Despite being in the Losers bracket going into this weekend due to a Round 2 loss to 100 Thieves, it’s not the first time the team has come from behind to win it all. In the last four instances, TL has won the Playoffs three times, as well as placing first in the regular season standings five times in the last nine LCS splits.

Facing off against Team Liquid in the Losers bracket is Evil Geniuses, another top placing team this past regular season. EG has taken out both FlyQuest and Cloud9 in the Losers bracket to make it where they are, proving themselves to be a highly competitive team these Playoffs. Fans of the team will look to favorite players Danny and Inspired and their synergy on the Rift to topple Team Liquid and move on to the Finals match.

Sitting in the Finals match already is the dominant 100 Thieves, who sent Cloud9 and Team Liquid to the Losers bracket to secure their current placing. Compared to the other well-established teams in the LCS, 100T is fairly new to scene, only truly establishing themselves in 2017. Over the last few years, they have proven themselves to be serious contenders, winning last year’s LCS Championship and placing third overall in this year’s regular season standings. Whoever faces them in the Finals match this year will be taking one of the league’s most dominant teams.

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By Carter Barnes