Naruto is Finally in Fortnite – and Pewdiepie Hates It

Naruto drops in Fortnite and Pewdiepie has had enough Fortnite is no stranger to collaboration. In recent years, the battle-royale giant has paired up with pop-culture phenomena like Ariana Grande, Rick and Morty, John Wick, Marvel, and so much more. It’s probably easier to list off who Fortnite hasn’t worked with at this point. Now […]

NEW ANT-MAN Skin in Fortnite! MARVEL Ant Man Bundle in the MARVEL Fortnite Item Shop | #Shorts

Marvel and Fortnite aren’t done taking over the entire digital world quite yet, as you can now unlock and play as Ant Man inside of the Epic Battle Royale game.

CheckpointXP On-Demand – Pokimane’s Apology

Did Pokimane owe the internet an apology? Both the cast and internet seem to be divided on the answer. We also break down Fortnite partnering up with Marvel, bring you a free game of the week, and get the latest on the Apple/Google confrontation with Epic. Crysis 2 highlights this week’s Patient Gamer and Robbie’s […]

CheckpointXP On-Demand – War! Apple Removes Fortnite

Apple removes Fortnite from the App Store and the war is on! It’s the epic clash between game developer and platform on this week’s CheckpointXP On-Demand. We also break down Hiko’s mom getting busted calling out his teammates on Twitter, and Shroud getting back on Twitch. This week’s Patient Gamer centers around one of the […]