Revenant was the 12th character added to the battle royale APEX Legends in season 4. He’s a cold, calculated killer that is often at odds with the other characters in the games even when in the same squad. He’s an offensive character with a kit that makes him perfect for pushing other teams and setting up ambushes.

Who is APEX Legends Revenant?

Revenant is the most bloodthirsty, psychotic Legend in the game, a true synthetic nightmare. A former hitman for the Mercenary Syndicate, Revenant is a simulacrum, a robotic soldier with a human that is able to be reprogrammed after every death. Revenant killed for the Syndicate for over three centuries before he managed to break through his programming and realize what he truly was.

This happened right after he killed Loba’s parents and from there on, he swore revenge against those who made him what he was. After killing his way through countless associated with Hammond Robotics, it got to a point where he didn’t need a reason to kill and the APEX games were a perfect home for him.

How To Play Revenant in APEX Legends?

As an offensive Legend, Revenant favors a very aggressive style of play which is further enhanced by his abilities. Unlike most offensive Legends, Revenant has some perks that allow him advantages when pushing or flanking alone. You always want to attack in tandem with your team so you’re not at a two or three versus one disadvantage, but sometimes as Revenant splitting away from your team could yield positive results.

Tactical Ability: Silence

Revenant has two charges of his tactical ability, Silence. Similar to Bangalore’s smoke grenade launcher holding down the hotkey gives you an indicator of where you’re throwing. When you throw the device it deals damage on impact and creates an area of effect cloud. Anyone who walks into the cloud will also take 10 damage and suffer the effect of the ability.

When under the effect of the Silence ability all tactical skills and ultimate skill usage is locked for 20 seconds. This doesn’t affect skills that are already in use, such as a Bloodhunter who has already used their ultimate ability. There are a few abilities that it doesn’t affect such as Gibraltar’s Gun Shield.

Screenshot: Revenant's Silence ability in APEX Legends.
Screenshot: Revenant’s Silence ability in APEX Legends.

Silence is best used when starting a fight to lock down Legends with pesky abilities. It can also be used as a denial of area to dissuade an enemy from pushing through a certain door or opening.

Passive: Stalker

Revenant’s passive ability stalker makes him perfect for solo pinches or ambushes. To reiterate, going into a fight alone against 2 or more enemies is always a bad idea. But if your team is pushing from one direction, Revenant is built for the flank with this passive ability to crouch walk faster.

When crouched down, Revenant moves at the same speed as though he was standing up straight and he does so completely silently. No one can hear you approach from the side or behind so long as they’re not looking for you. Stalker also allows Revenant to climb higher than other legends. With twice the distance to climb walls, it opens up several new avenues of attacking an enemy squad.

Ultimate Ability: Death Totem

Revant’s Ultimate Ability is what makes him a real danger and annoyance to the enemy team. Any given team fight, regardless of who gets the drop, can go to the attacker or the ambushed. But rarely does the winning team have the chance to survive a second encounter. The Death Totem can give you that second chance if you lose a push.

When you activate and enter the Death Totem, you go into shadow form and get Death Protection. What this means is that you have no shields, just 100 health, but when you die you’ll return to the totem with whatever shields you have before entering it and half your health.

Screenshot: Revenant's Death Totem Ultimate Ability in APEX Legends.
Screenshot: Revenant’s Death Totem Ultimate Ability in APEX Legends.

It’s important to time your Death Totem well so when you engage, you have ample time to finish the fight. The Death Protection only lasts 30 seconds and if it runs out, you’re back to your shields and whatever health you had left. You also can’t use meds while under the protection.

Also, keep in mind that enemies can use your Death Totem and it can be destroyed as well. So make sure you hide it well when you drop your totem. It needs to be far enough away that the enemy can’t hear you activating it.

It’s best used to guarantee a successful third party kill when you can use the confusion of a team fight in progress to hide your approach.

Become a Master Legend

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Feature Image Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment and APEX Legends Trailer for Season 4 ‘Assimilate’.