Dr. Mary “Horizon” Somers was the 15th Legend to join the games in Respawn Entertainment’s free-to-play Battle Royal game, APEX Legends. She’s got a sharp mind, a Ms. Frizzle-centric attitude, and enough science to blow away the competition. After a tragic space-faring mishap caused her entire to be left in the rearview mirror (by 87 years) she now brings her gravity-based power kit to the world of APEX.

So, what’s the best way to play Horizon so you know that you’re at the top of your game? We have everything you need to know in our guide on how to master Horizon in APEX Legends.

Who is APEX Legends Horizon?

Over 100 years ago the Outlands were on the edge of disaster and Dr. Mary Somers, a brilliant astrophysicist, stepped in to try and help solve the problem. With her family and a brand new science station on Olympus, she began her work. Through this work, she discovered a rare element that would be the success in solving the Outlands troubles.

While out in space near a black hole trying to finish her research, Mary was betrayed by her assistant Dr. Reid. The doctor stole the rare element and left Mary orbiting the black hole. Of course, she was able to find a way to escape but because time moved more slowly near a black hole, over 80 years had passed back home and her family was gone.

Now, Mary is determined to find a way to travel back in time to be reunited with her son, but until then…the APEX games call to her.

How to Play Horizon?

The number one factor to winning in APEX Legends is always going to be your aim and what guns you’re good with. But that doesn’t mean the Legend you play can’t help elevate your gunplay and that’s most true with Horizon.

Screenshot of Horizon's abilities in APEX Legends.
Screenshot of Horizon’s abilities in APEX Legends.

Tactical Ability: Gravity Lift

Horizon’s tactical ability tosses out a small device that reverses the flow of gravity and boosts players upward by 30 meters. The lift will stay active for 10 seconds and as you leave the gravity field it gives a little boost outward as well. This ability has a cooldown of 25 seconds.

Screenshot: Sitting at the top of Horizon's Gravity Lift.
Screenshot: Sitting at the top of Horizon’s Gravity Lift.

This device has a few uses both offensively and defensively. Obviously, it can help you and your squadmates get to hard-to-reach places or even serve as a temporary sniper tower. Keep in mind you’re just as likely to be picked out of the air by any deadeyes looking your way.

The boost it gives when exiting can make for quicker traversal, but it’s also easy to spot in an open area. Defensively, it can be used to disorient enemies or deny entrance to doorways for a short period of time. Also worth noting, that Wattson’s pylon can eat up the gravity lift when first thrown.

Passive Ability: Spacewalk

Horizon’s passive ability Spacewalk gives her more control in the air and reduces the impact other legends suffer from when falling from great heights. Most get a short stun effect, but Horizon can get moving very quickly after hitting the ground.

Ultimate Ability: Black Hole

Horizon’s ultimate ability is where things get really fun for the Legend. She deploys her N.E.W.T. device, affectionately referred to as Newtie. This device generates a large black hole that will activate 2 seconds after landing and last for 12 seconds. Once it activates, anyone caught in its radius will instantly be pulled into its center but will be able to move out of it after the initial pull. There’s still some resistance as you run out, so it makes you a sitting duck and a prime target for grenades.

Screenshot of Horizon's Ultimate Ability: Black Hole.
Screenshot of Horizon’s Ultimate Ability: Black Hole.

Black Hole is best utilized with other ultimates like Caustic’s Nox Gas or Bangalore and Gibraltar’s ultimate abilities. If your teammates have any throwables, this is also a good chance to time those with one another. Keep in mind that Newtie can also be destroyed and has 175 HP, if you find yourself the victim of the black hole, shoot it down quickly if you can’t avoid it.

Become a Master Legend

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Feature Image, Screenshot from APEX Legends Season 7 – Ascension Launch Trailer by Respawn Entertainment and EA.