APEX Legends Season 8: New Legend Fuse, New Weapon, Kings Canyon Returns

APEX Legends Season 8 is here and with it, a brand new legend, a new weapon, and returns to King Canyon amidst widespread destruction. Respawn Entertainment has dropped a cinematic trailer for the newest legend, Fuse, as well as a gameplay trailer showing off some of the new additions to the game. Here’s what you need to get excited about! Compare Fuse with the current Season 7 Legends in our APEX Legends Tier List.

New Legend, Fuse

Walter “Fuse” Fitzroy is an explosive loving mercenary from the world Salvo. After a life of violence and carefree mayhem, he found himself invited to the APEX games. But a crazy ex seems to have followed him to King’s Canyon and after high jacking the gunship he flew in on, obliterated King’s Canyon. Specifically, she blew open the canyon wall behind Artillery Base. Now the northern part of the map has undergone some huge changes. This likely includes changes to slum lakes as well, which seems to be affected by the gunship crash site.

Apex Legends Season 8 – Mayhem Launch Trailer

Bring the boom in Apex Legends Season 8 with new Legend Fuse. http://x.ea.com/67416 When Salvo joined the Mercenary Syndicate, Walter “Fuse” Fitzroy got his…

Fuse is all about the boom, with his tactical ability launching a small explosive that detonates in midair above the enemies. His ultimate fires a missile using the cannon on his back that rains down fire on enemies dealing damage and working as an area of denial.

Season 8 Battle Pass

The gameplay trailer shows off some of Fuse’s abilities in actions, but it also gives us a look at the newest King’s Canyon map changes, some of the cosmetics coming in the battle pass, and the new weapon. APEX Legends Season 8 is titled Mayhem and the trailer is non-stop action as it channels pure 80s action movie vibes.

Apex Legends Season 8 – Mayhem Gameplay Trailer

Bring the boom in Apex Legends Season 8 with new Legend Fuse. http://x.ea.com/67416Fuse arrives in Season 8, and he’s packing plenty of attitude — and thin…

Fuse wielding the 30-30 Repeater from APEX Legends Season 8.

One of the biggest additions coming to the newest season of APEX Legends is the new weapon, the 30-30 Repeater a lever-action rifle.

The 30-30 repeater is likely a heavy weapon that operates very similar to the G7 Scout. Good a mid to short-range if you have good aim with a single fire per pull of the trigger. While it won’t be better than a sniper rifle at long range, if it can equip the 2x-4x scope it’ll work in a pinch. If like the G7, it can equip the double-tap hop-up it’s going to be a devastating option even at close range.

Season 8 is also delivering on the aesthetics. Everyone looks forward to the skins that come with a battle pass and this season has outdone itself. From the trailer, it looks like Loba, Octane, and Gibraltar will be getting great rare or epic skins. But the ones who steal the show with their new legendary skins are Bangalore and Lifeline.

As with all new seasons of APEX Legends, if you managed to finish the battle pass and his level 100 and 110 you unlock a very special weapon skin. Each season brings a reactive, evolving legendary skin for a weapon. Over the last few seasons, we’ve seen insane designs for the Wingman, the G7 Scout, and most recently, the R-99. While a majority of the reactive skins have been Assault Rifles (the Hemlock is the AR without one). Snipers can now rejoice as they’ve received their first reactive sniper skin with the Longbow DMR X-1.

The reactive Longbow DMR X-1 will change and alter it’s appearance the more kills you get with it.

The newest season of Respawn and EA’s free to play battle royal has a release date of February 2nd. With it comes an all-new ranked season and much, much more.

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Feature Image, Screencap of APEX Legends Season 8 Gameplay Trailer by Respawn Entertainment and EA.

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