PUBG Mobile has had a weird life cycle. Depending on where you are in the world, the phrase “mobile gaming” has different connotations; in the west, mobile gaming is still seen through the lens of Candy Crush and casual gaming. But if you happen to be in China, India, or even Southeast Asia, mobile esports have blown up in popularity so that some of their largest streamers and esports stars happen to be playing on a phone. 


Tenet star Robert Pattinson erases all of the ill-will from starring in the Twilight series by revealing THIS video game character death made him cry! Plus, PUBG Mobile developers say they want to compete with CS:GO and League of Legends, all while they get support from Dr. Disrespect in the unlikeliest of ways, and rappers Pusha T and new full-time streamer Logic have purchased Chaos Esports Club and plan to “organize chaos” in the world today.

Robert Pattinson LOVED This Video Game Character, PUBG Mobile Takes on LoL, & Pusha T Buys Chaos EC

Tenet star Robert Pattinson erases all of the ill-will from starring in the Twilight series by revealing THIS video game character death made him cry! Plus, …

PUBG Mobile is seizing on this popularity spike by attempting to sit next to the big dogs of esports, and bring their record-breaking audience of 1.1 Million concurrent players and 40 million total hours watched to the table of esports. How do they go bigger? PUBG Mobile devs recently announced the PUBG Mobile Global Championship, boasting a $2 million dollar prize pool that combines their Global League and World Championship into a single unifying event. 

So far, the scene has been dominated by teams out of India, Indonesia, and China, although there are a few western-based teams that have a foothold in the esport. And while 1.1 million players concurrently are nothing to sneeze at, if PUBG mobile is to make a real run at being a true contender like they want to be, they need to expand into that western audience and change perceptions of what it means to be an esport that can be played on a mobile device. 

In a recent press conference, PUBG developers stated that they wanted to make western territories a priority, and even stated that they wanted to compete “with esports like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or League of Legends.” That’s big talk, especially coming from a fairly new contender in the world of esports. 

How can they make that happen? Well, first you need to change the audience’s opinions of mobile esports, and PUBG mobile has an unlikely partner in that: Dr. Disrespect. Recently, The Doc streamed with one of the largest PUBG Mobile players in the world, when he made statements about his highly inflammatory tweet from the past that said “Mobile gamers aren’t real gamers.”

Watch The Breakdown above to see the clip of Dr. Disrespect.

If you’ve got Dr. Disrespect in your corner, you will for sure reach a larger audience. Let’s see if that is going to be able to change people’s minds in the future about mobile esports.


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