NEW YORK, NEW YORK - JULY 26: A general view of the Fortnite World Cup Finals during Round One at Arthur Ashe Stadium on July 26, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)

The Fortnite World Cup took place over a year ago in 2019, and one of the biggest promises of the event was that anybody who even just qualified for the tournament would be receiving $50,000 each. However, it’s not being reported that any player who qualified for the tournament while a part of the Chinese organization, Newbee, has not seen a single dollar of prize money and in some cases, has been missing six-figure paydays that the esports organization just refuses to payout. 


Chinese esports organization Newbee has been accused of stealing over $100,000 of prize money from its Fortnite World Cup players, the San Francisco Shock sign the first Japanese player in the entire history of the Overwatch League, and the Nintendo Mini Direct earlier this week now sits at almost 70,000 dislikes because Nintendo fans just love disappointing themselves.

Newbee Accused Of Stealing

The news is being brought to light by Rhidax, a coach in the EU and Asia regions, when he finally went full bore on the org over Twitter yesterday evening. He started his blow out of Newbee by reminding the world that the organization has been accused of match-fixing in Dota 2, which is what led to that team being disbanded. He then goes on to say that Newbee trapped their players in contracts and stole ALL of the prize money since the Fortnite World Cup, which is obviously a big problem.

His follow up tweet brings a really good point:

Rhidax went on to release screenshots of conversations with players accusing the org of stiffing them and admitting that because the org has government ties, they can’t even sue to attempt to get the money back, and crowned Newbee the org that’s scammed players the most out of any organization in Fortnite worldwide. 

Competitive Fortnite as a scene already gives me gross vibes, just because as Rhidax pointed out, the majority of the pros are teenagers, and the organizations that take advantage of these kids are just as evil and corrupt as they come. Now, not all are bad, but there just seems to be a steady series of news stories on Fortnite players either themselves being the most toxic of all pros out there, or the organizations that encourage toxic behavior and horribly mistreat their players because they take advantage of these kids. 

Newbee was at one time considered a top tier organization thanks to frequent attendance at the annual Dota 2 tournament The Internation and even won it in 2014. However, with a stain like this on their record, if it does get corroborated and turn out to be totally true, should hopefully make it so that they are no longer seen in a positive light ANYWHERE in the esports world. 


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