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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – JULY 10: Dr DisRespect attends The 2019 ESPYs at Microsoft Theater on July 10, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images)

For the first time since this all started, Dr. DisRespect has responded to his permanent Twitch ban, calling the platform out for still not telling him why he was banned. After the news hit late Friday evening of Doc being hit with the ban hammer from Twitch, much of the internet has been alight with theories and guesses about just what went down. Considering the abruptness of the entire announcement, it left a lot of people scratching their heads and trying to figure out just what the heck happened. 


We give you the details on everything we know since the announcement of Dr. Disrespect being banned from Twitch including what his last moments on the platform looked like. Plus, Microsoft has hired a DOG to voice aliens in the upcoming Halo game, and a former NFL Punter has reignited his beef with the former biggest star on Mixer.

Dr. Disrespect’s Last Moments on Twitch Before Ban

No news was immediately available, as Twitch and other sources with information refused to divulge just what was going on, and we didn’t hear anything from Doc until Sunday morning. Before we check out what Doc said in response to being banned, let’s take a look at what his final moment on stream looked like.


That was the look of a man inside of his own head who knows something is going down. Earlier in the clip, of which you can see the entire thing at our website checkpointxp.com, Doc picks up his phone and his entire mood changes. So, now we do have a response from him about what it could all be, but it’s going to leave many people disappointed in the lack of clarity. As I said, Doc responded Sunday morning with a tweet that reads:

Between everything going on, the only real thing we’ve seen backing Doc up in all of this is his wife taking to Instagram to thank people for their support, and in the middle of it, he takes to Twitter to call out Twitch for not telling him what is going on. Personally, I feel I can say with a lot of confidence that Dr. Disrespect knows exactly what is going on, whatever that may be.

Now, to some of the rumors and theories, with the huge swath of people in the esports and gaming community being subsumed by sexual harassment and misconduct accusations that seems to be what most people gravitated towards, but with his wife coming out to publicly support him, I feel like I can say that probably isn’t the case, and if it is I will for sure discuss that when it emerges. But others start to move into the crazy people territory; from tax evasion for not disclosing a sponsorship deal, to WatchBrime and Spotify Streaming, fake streaming platforms that people were saying Doc, Ninja, and Shroud were going to start, even all the way to Twitch cutting contracts with Doctor Disrespect over a cheating situation a few years ago where Doc cheated on his wife, which did happen, with a prominent twitch streamer who said she would come out publicly and ruin Doc’s career if Twitch still partnered with him, which we don’t know if that happened.

All in all, it’s only getting worse the longer parties are staying silent. And from what we’ve witnessed so far, every day of that silence seems to suggest more and more that there is something happening now with legal consequences for Doctor Disrespect, and I’m sure we will be bringing more news to this as it comes to light. To stay up to the minute on the latest news, check us out on Twitter @checkpointXP

Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images


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