At this point, the news of mixer folding isn’t new news. Mixer goes under, partners with Facebook gaming, and does what nobody thought they were going to do; they made sure Ninja and Shroud made off like bandits. Apparently both Ninja and Shroud, the two largest Mixer streamers convinced to leave Twitch, were able to get paid out the full amount of their contracts with Ninja coming to around 30 million and Shroud at 10 million, not to mention, they are now free to pursue whatever platform they want to stream on. The winner in all of this is Ninja, hands down. Love him or hate him, the guy made boatloads of cash to move from Twitch to Mixer, he got paid out the full amount, and is now free to go back and do, really, whatever the hell he wants. 

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Mixer is DEAD, but does that mean Twitch is going to take back Ninja and Shroud? Plus, DoubleLift says that the latest LCS split is a “clown show”, and a professional Call of Duty League player was FINED REAL MONEY for saying that Modern Warfare is the worst COD of all time.

So can he really do “whatever” he wants? Will Twitch take them back after both streamers essentially stabbed them in the back? I mean, Shroud back to Twitch makes plenty of sense. He didn’t leave with bad blood and will be welcomed back with open arms by the Twitch community. But Ninja is a different story. He kicked off what was the streaming wars (if they can even still be called active now with no more mixer), and he is such a big brand deal that Twitch just may not be in the cards for him.

Honestly, I think the audiences will welcome them back. There is no reason to not want some of the largest streamers to be on your platform, regardless of the history between you and them. But both Ninja and Shroud have disavowed Facebook gaming, so where they will end up boils down to YouTube and Twitch, and Twitch isn’t looking too bad on this end. We will for sure be keeping up on this story, but where do you think either Ninja or Shroud are going to land? And will they be laughing all the way to the bank when they do it?


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