Overwatch Streamer Finds Lucio Bug with Junktrap

Screenshot: Overwatch, Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch Streamer Frogger took to Twitter the day after Christmas with a short video showcasing a unique interaction between Lucio and Junkrat’s trap. In the video he shows himself on Lucio jumping off a wall and hitting speed boost just before he lands in a trap which allows him to go so fast he immediately breaks free from the trap. You can see t he video with an explanation from Frogger below.

Frogger explains that the bug isn’t very game breaking as the likelihood of it happening organically in a game is pretty low. He also goes on to say he discovered this bug over a year ago and it’s still in the game.

Others in the thread commented some of their own experiences with buggy Junkrat traps including the games Jakerat himself, Jake “JAKE” Lyons.

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I’ve seen this bug on a few characters (on one occasion I watched a genji take the trap damage and somehow double jump out of it)

Frogger made the tweet with the hope that this would bring more attention to the issue and that Blizzard might finally look into fixing it.

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