2019-02-17 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

With 2020 just a week away and the Overwatch League season set to start in early February, we’ve finally got the announcement of which maps we’ll playing. Announced on the Overwatch League twitter the video revealed that the first map pool of the season would consist of…

Control Maps

  • Ilios
  • Busan
  • Lijiang Tower
  • Oasis
  • Nepal

Assault Maps

  • Hanamura
  • Horizon: Lunar Colony
  • Temple of Anubis

Hybrid Maps

  • Blizzard World
  • Eichenwalde
  • King’s Row

Escort Maps

  • Junkertown
  • Havana
  • Dorado

The Overwatch League’s official start date is Saturday, February 8th. The New York Excelsior and the Dallas Fuel will be hosting the matches. The Paris Eternal and the Toronto Defiant will play the opening match in New York. You can find the 2020 season schedule here.

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