League of Legends World Finals Peaked At 44 Million Concurrent Viewers

Photo by Michal Konkol/Riot Games

This year’s grand finals for the League of Legends World Championship saw China’s FunPlus Phoenix take on Europe’s G2 Esports. For the second straight year, China met in a showdown with Europe. And for a second straight year, it went badly for Europe. FunPlus Phoenix dominated G2 3 straight games and won it all.

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Thank you for making the 2019 World Championship Finals the most viewed event in League of Legends History! #Worlds2019 Find out more about the records we set and the milestones we crossed here: https://t.co/E7jj0oOkyD pic.twitter.com/0K8RsdrCxl

This week, Riot released some numbers surrounding the Grand Finals and they are staggering. The match peaked at 44 million concurrent viewers, which just barely edged out last year’s grand finals. For those of you who prefer the average minute audience measurement, the number is closer to 21.8 million.

Joe’s thoughts: It doesn’t matter what metric you prefer, suffice it to say the event had an incredible number of eyeballs on it. While the growth from last year wasn’t as impressive as they might have liked, it makes sense given the teams that were playing. A rematch of China vs Europe probably didn’t draw the same as China vs Korea would have, especially given that we saw similar results. Nevertheless, League of Legends is now one of the best drawing sports leagues in the world.

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