Photo: Psyonix

Photo: Psyonix

Rocket League has crowned its champion and long time participants, NRG Esports, have finally won the title. The perennial North American Champions lifted the trophy after a nail-biting seven game series versus Renaut Vitality.

In the break between seasons 7 and 8, NRG made a big move to obtain three-time champion Pierre “Turbopolsa” Silfver to increase their World Championship hopes. Over the course of the group stages it proved to pay dividends as they were only troubled by their eventual finals opponents in the group stage. After brushing aside Spacestation Gaming, 4-1, in the playoffs the stage was set for the grand finals.

In the finals were back and forth with NRG taking game one and Renaut Vitality bouncing back to take games two and three. In game four, however, NRG’s Garrett G’s heads up play in the midfield secured a win and stalled whatever momentum Renaut Vitality had.

RocketLeague - Garrett G in OT

Watch RocketLeague's clip titled "Garrett G in OT"

After winning game five, NRG looked poised to take the championship but Renaut Vitality bounced back with a dominant game six. Teenage phenom Kyle “ScrubKilla” Robertson opened the scoring in game six for RV and they never looked back going up 0-3. NRG finished stronger, bringing the score back to a more respectable 2-3 but damage was done.

Forcing a game seven, the two teams couldn’t look more equal. With the two teams drawn in at 1-1 at the end of regulation, Justin “JSTN” Morales pounced onto a rebounded block from Garrett G and won NRG its first RLCS title.

RocketLeague - JSTN Wins RLCS for NRG

Watch RocketLeague's clip titled "JSTN Wins RLCS for NRG"

With NRG’s win it also makes Turbopolsa the first four-time RLCS champion. Previously lifting the trophy with Northern Gaming, Gale Force Esports and Dignitas.

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