Psyonix To Remove Loot Boxes From Rocket League

With the ongoing investigation into loot boxes by the Federal Trade Commission, more and more developers are stepping up their responses to the situation. While many developers are going to begin putting probabilities on their loot boxes, Psyonix is taking things a step further. They’ve decided to just skip to the logical conclusion, and will be removing loot boxes from the game entirely.

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Announcement time: Crates will be leaving Rocket League later this year. Check out our blog for the official announcement.

The change will see all randomized crates removed from Rocket League. Instead, there will be a system in which you can see exactly what you’re buying before you buy it. The new model is similar to the one Fortnite uses, and it’s no surprise given that Epic Games now owns Psyonix. There is not yet a hard time line for the roll out of the new purchase model, but Psyonix plans to have it up and running by the end of the year.

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