Close Shave of the Week: Tekken World Tour Finals

Each week at CheckpointXP we bring you a moment in esports that is too close for comfort in the close shave of the week. This week for the CheckpointXP close shave of the week we go to the Tekken World Tour Finals.

Anakin is arguably the best Tekken player in America, a country not know for its fountain of talent in the game. So when Anakin came up against Japanese player, Nobi, it was tough to call who would come out on top. Nobi easily won their first match in their best of three series, but through this amazing parry Anakin began his comeback. He would go on to win the series and finish 4th in the Tekken World Tour.

Tekken World Tour 2019 Finals – RADIANCE RB Anakin (Jack-7) vs YAMASA Nobi (Dragunov) – Top 8

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