League of Legends Themed Louis Vuitton Merch Is Officially Here

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Oh. My. God. League of Legends has officially launched the next phase of their partnership with Louis Vuitton. The deal started two months ago as Louis Vuitton created the trophy case for the Summoner’s Cup and partnered with Riot to create a prestige skin with Qiyana. Now that deal has gone to the next level as Louis Vuitton has announced the LVxLOL Collection. It’s a series of items branded with both League and Louis Vuitton symbols, logos, and characters.

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The #LVxLoL collection is outWhat do you guys think about it ? pic.twitter.com/MmmSYzdzRQ

This is not for the faint of heart however, as they carry some truly high end prices. A short-sleeved t-shirt with the prestige Louis Vuitton Qiyana on it is going for a whopping $670 dollars. Meanwhile, a long-hooded parka carries a price tag of over $4000 dollars. You can check out the store here if you’re interested. A second prestige skin for Senna is also in the works, so I’ll be saving my money to get that.

Joe’s Take: Holy cow. Okay, so I’ll be the first to admit I don’t understand high fashion. There is no shirt in the world that I would shell out over 500 dollars for. There is no coat on planet earth worth 4000 dollars in my opinion. Still, I understand that Louis Vuitton and brands like it function on the idea that not everyone can afford it. I’m just not sure who this is for.

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