Image courtesy of Riot Games/LCS

Image courtesy of Riot Games/LCS

Following reports that Dignitas was struggling to sign players, rumor has it they’re now close to signing three veterans. Former 100 Thieves support Aphromoo, Golden Guardians mid-laner Froggen, and TSM jungler Grig are all in the process of signing with Dignitas. Late last month, Dignitas revealed they would be promoting AD Carry Johnsun from their academy team into a starting role.

All three signings are of players that were not re-signed to their previous teams. Overall, the line-up for 2020 would be Huni, Grig, Froggen, Johnsun, and Aphromoo. The questions that will be on everyone’s minds is whether that team is a step up or down from the one that made Worlds last year.

Our thoughts: It’s not a question in my mind. I think this is a decided step backwards for Dignitas. These aren’t players being lured away by a bigger contract. These are players who weren’t retained for one reason or another. Aphromoo has a lot to prove this season, and Grig lost his starting job last summer. I’m not sure how I feel about Froggen, except to stay he couldn’t keep the starting role as Golden Guardians’ mid laner. Take from that what you will.

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