Team BDS Defeats NRG at RLCS – Wins First Place

Team BDS took home first place last weekend at the Rocket League Championship Series Fall Split Major. For their first time competing at a lan event, Team BDS dominated the competition with an impressive performance. Now, after defeating NRG in a 2-0 series on the Championship stage, Team BDS has become Europe’s “team to beat.”

Team BDS’ Journey at RLCS

Team BDS swept through the competition, rarely letting their opponents gain the upper hand. 

In the quarter-finals, BDS defeated Complexity in a definitive 4-2 match series. They came out the gate strong, taking three back to back victories. Complexity managed to squeeze out two wins in the series, but BDS stopped their momentum in a white-knuckled match at Neo Tokyo. 

Team BDS then went on to compete against SMPR Esports in the semi-finals, besting them in another 4-2 match series. The two teams traded blows, BDS took the first round and SMPR won the second, then BDS came back to claim round three, only to be defeated by SMPR in round four. Finally, BDS would put SMPR to rest, beating them back-to-back for the victory, and absolutely stomping them 6 – 0 in the last round. 

The final challenge for Team BDS had arrived as they faced off against the reigning North American champions, NRG. NRG has been the absolute dominating team in NA Rocket League for the past 3 years, securing first place at every season tournament since October 2018.  

But all that changed last weekend as Team BDS unexpectedly sweeped NRG in two back-to-back series. 

In the first series, NRG took game one, but immediately felt the heat as BDS ignited a four game win streak. Series two would see more competition between the two teams. BDS and NRG played fiercely against each other, culminating in a 3-3 tied, winner-take-all final round. In the end BDS would prove victorious, cinching out a final score of 4-3 in a nail biting game. 

Meet the Team.

It’s safe to say the Team BDS has made a major impact on the competitive Rocket League scene. Premiering at RLCS Season X – Fall: EU Regional Event 1 in August of 2020, BDS has secured nine first place victories in their short time since debut.

The team consists of three active players:

The team is also headed by coach Javier Oleda – Kael, from Spain

The RLCS Winter Split Major begins March 23, 2022, and we’re excited to see if BDS and NRG clash again. 

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