Comcast has brought G4 TV back from the grave with the hopes the gaming network will thrive in a new era. This move comes after streaming and the increasing popularity in gaming has exploded in recent years.

The channel is live again and comes with Xfinity and Verizon Fios packages. If you don’t have traditional cable you can still catch G4 content on YouTube Live and Twitch.

The reborn gaming network will feature a variety show, game reviews, esports coverage and more. There are even plans to host a Dungeons and Dragons series based off the famous role-playing game.

“It really is Saturday Night Live for gamers,” said G4 President Russell Arons, describing the programming as “comedy irreverence, but backed on the insight and knowledge of the gaming and fandom world.”

2002 saw the launch of the original G4 network. But over a decade over low numbers and poor performance saw it pulled in 2014. It sat in the NBCUniversal vault for years until the president of Comcast’s gaming division, Tucker Roberts, brought it back to life.

G4 TV is Comcast’s newest asset in gaming. Operating under the arm of Comcast Spectator, they join the Philadelphia Fusion and Nerd Street Gamers as part of the family.

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