NBA2k22: Washington Wizards Got The Short End of the Stick

A new entry into the NBA2k franchise means a whole new season of players and teams either celebrating or lamenting over their Overall Stats. The Washington Wizards, are doing the latter as only two players on their teams earned over an 80. On average, most of the players on the Wizards seem to have fallen into the mid-70s. This puts them in the bottom third tier of teams in the NBA2k22 League.

In the 2021 NBA Season, they ended with 34 wins and 38 losses, so the low scores aren’t without a warrant. But it’s a start contrast to Washington’s esports team in the NBA2k League who just won their second championship title and became the first back-to-back champions in NBA2k history.

Can the real-life Wizards live up to their esports counterparts’ legacy this coming season? Or will the guys with the controllers net a third consecutive championship while the guys on the court flounder?

Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

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