Washington D.C. is home to champions this summer as Wizards District Gaming win the first back-to-back NBA2k titles in the 2k League’s history. The esports division of the Washington Wizards swept aside Jazz Gaming 3-0 and solidified themselves as the top franchise in NBA 2k.

Clear Favorites

Wizards District never looked troubled throughout the entire NBA 2k year. They finished the regular season with the best record in the league and only lost six games all year. Their stellar play earned them a first-round bye. But in the quarter/semifinals faced the entire city of New York as they took on Knicks Gaming and Nets GC. However, even with stiff competition, the Wizards never looked shaken. And they would push on to the finals without dropping a single game.

The Championship series was more of the same dominance from Wizards District. They grew into the series by the minute, increasing their margin of victory each game. Game 1 ending 69-62, Game 2 at 60-54 and demoralized the Jazz in Game 3, 74-54. Wizards’ starting point guard, Jack “JBM” Mascone that would dominate the series averaging a double-double with 22 points and 11 assists. Unsung hero, Brandon “BRich” Richardson was a force from beyond the line shooting over 70% for threes. You can check out some of the top plays from the series here.

The Cream Of The Crop

The Wizard’s status was further confirmed with the announcement of the first-ever 2K League All-Star Game. Wizards’ JBM, Justin “Just Awkward” Howell, and Ryan “Dayfri” Conger were all named the Eastern Conference roster. Their three players give them the largest cohort of All-Stars in the league. Only Pacers Gaming, T-Wolves Gaming, and Jazz Gaming are close with two players each. You can see the results of the All-Star Voting here.

Feature Image: NBA 2k League