Call of Duty Warzone New Verdansk 84 Map

The Call of Duty Warzone map has been nuked back to 84. After the zombie outbreak took over Verdansk, it was time to start fresh with a nuke, giving us our first look at the Verdansk 84 map. 

Call of Duty released a new trailer, featuring many familiar faces with an over-the-top ‘80s flair to coincide with Cold War, showcasing the map back in its heyday. 

With the map change, expect an update to weapons as well as acquiring more intel with an in-game event called “Hunt for Adler” to start off Season 3.

Call of Duty 🌑 on Twitter: “LET’S GOOOOO.Tag your #CODSquad and drop into #Verdansk84 today.#LetsGo #Warzone #CallOfDuty / Twitter”

LET’S GOOOOO.Tag your #CODSquad and drop into #Verdansk84 today.#LetsGo #Warzone #CallOfDuty

Photo Courtesy of Activision

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