Photo Courtesy of CD Projekt Red

CD Projekt Red, the developers behind Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3, has recently said that they are currently focused on improving Cyberpunk and want to improve the game so that they can “successfully sell it for years to come”. Plus, major changes in huge name CS:GO rosters see Xypn9x being replaced, KennyS being benched, and RpK stepping down. And, COD Mobile is BANNED in Iran, and confused players ask Activision to step in and reverse the block.

Cyberpunk 2077 Devs Won’t Abandon Game, Plan on Selling it For “Years to Come”

Nothing is more of a death sentence in the gaming world in 2021 than having a disastrous launch that sees your game turned into a meme. While Cyberpunk 2077 was released in December, it was met with swift criticism in particular for its PS4 and Xbox One versions while players were upset with what many considered a fairly bare-bones game. While the PC version wasn’t a total dumpster fire, and the new-gen versions also seemed to be at least functional, the majority of the issues came from the PS4 and Xbox One ports, with the problems so bad that Cyberpunk was removed from being on sale on the PlayStation Network, and it’s still not available on there. But CD Projekt Red, the developers behind both Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3, have said that they are optimistic about being able to improve the game, and help it sell well “for years to come.”

Huge Changes to CS:GO Rosters, Sees Legends Like Xypn9x, KennyS, and RpK

Making Changes Seems like Blast Premier Spring Showdown has been the inciting factor for some major changes to happen to some of the biggest CS:GO rosters, and it ends up seeing some major names either stepping down or being replaced. While the benching of G2’s legendary AWP’er KennyS happened around a week ago, it was all due to a series of disappointing places and anemic personal performance that would not have stood up to the aspirations that G2 have going into the Blast tournament. And while KennyS was benched, with an opportunity to eventually return to his team after finding a possible reset, others like Xypn9x may not have the opportunity.

COD Mobile Banned in Iran

Millions of players have been kicked from Activision’s popular mobile shooter, Call of Duty: Mobile, after the game was banned in Iran on April 12th. Although players were able to play already in that region, they are now greeted with a message upon opening the app: “Unfortunately, we are not yet ready to release the game in your area.” This leaves nearly 32 million players in the lurch and unable to launch one of their favorite games. And while this sudden ban may seem like it came out of nowhere, there are a few factors that most likely led to its build-up and quick banning.

In addition to the escalation of tensions between the United State and Iranian governments, plenty of additional international sanctions have made game development pretty hard in the Middle Eastern region. Because of these issues, there has been an unprecedented surge of account sharing, and that seems to be the primary reason for the game’s ban. “Due to the repeated efforts of Iranian users to deport and hack consoles and user accounts, all user services will be cut off for ten years,” a spokesman for the International Alliance of Consular and Non-Consular Games said.

Photo Courtesy of CD Projekt Red