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Genshin Impact, one of the largest games of 2020, trended worldwide on Twitter as fans called for a boycott of the game, and the hashtag has over 20,000 tweets on using it. Plus, former caster turned Cloud9 GM HenryG leaves C9 after the failure of the Colossus program and the org backing out of NA CS:GO. And, Respawn is trying to find a solution to a bug that is deleting ENTIRE ACCOUNTS of players who are playing Apex Legends!

Boycott Genshin Impact Trends on Twitter – Hashtag Explained

MiHoYo’s open-world game has proved to be one of the sleeper hits of 2020, pulling in millions of players from all over the world. Since then, Genshin Impact has featured numerous updates and additions to its ever-growing roster. The world of Teyvat is absolutely brimming with all kinds of colorful characters, unique quests, bloodthirsty bosses, and devastatingly powerful weapons.

But, just because there have been plenty of people who have enjoyed the game so far, doesn’t mean that the game has been without it’s own fair share of controversies, and that has finally culminated in an uproar based around one current issue but takes into account plenty of past issues as well. This time, what kicked the hashtag off was the inclusion of an enemy type called the Hilichurl.

HenryG Leaves Cloud9 Org After CS:GO Colossal Program Dismantled

It’s a common storyline for what seems like months if not a year plus at this point, but North American Counter-Strike is in a bit of a rough place right now, and it seems to only be getting worse now that Cloud9 has bailed on their Colossal program that saw signing some of the biggest NA names in CS:GO and bringing on a former caster to be the GM of the entire project. But with the dismantling of the team, so too goes the GM, as HenryG has announced his leave of Cloud9 as an organization, leaving his future plans in limbo as people look on to see just what will happen with not only him but also the players that were signed as a team less than 8 months ago.

Respawn Scramble And Roll Back Apex Legends servers to Save Player’s Deleted Accounts and Skins

Plenty of players were thrown into pure panic mode over the weekend as Apex Legends players logged into their accounts only to see that all of their progress had been deleted, including their stats, in-game cosmetics, and even the extremely rare Heirloom weapons that can cost some players almost a thousand dollars to unlock. It is all caused by some bug that the Respawn developers have identified, causing them to roll back servers to an earlier version in order to try and fix the issue.

Some players have already seen their progress and cosmetics restored on their accounts, which is super great, but at the same time, there are plenty of players still in the dark about whether they will ever see the return of their in-game items. This issue started all the way back in February, and while it wasn’t as large spread then, it has really started affecting a much larger number of players in the recent weeks.

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