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With the 2021 Overwatch League season just weeks away, the Houston Outlaws have announced another partnership that will strengthen their team. The Outlaws are partnering with Adamas Esports Performance and Training.

Established in 2018 Adamas Esports is dedicated to helping teams in various areas such as performance coaching, sports psychology, and exercise science. Starting this year they’ve provided services to various esports organizations across several big-name titles such as League of Legends, Call of Duty, and Overwatch.

 In a press release made by the Houston Outlaws, Adamas Chief Executive Officer Caleb Cousens said, “The Outlaws organization have made a big commitment to the health, wellness, and performance of their players. We are looking forward to continuing to help build the right culture with the team leadership and give all their athletes the tools they need to perform when it matters.”

Among the services that Adamas Esports will be providing for the Houston Outlaws is performance coaching, health and wellness expertise to both players and coaches. Along with coaching development workshops and lifestyle recommendations. All of these services are available through both online workshop sessions and one on one times with athletes.

It’s a fantastic move that fans should be thrilled to see as esports can be a grueling and often taxing endeavor. While it is a dream come true for any aspiring player to make it to the pros, it’s not just playing video games for a living. Competitive gaming especially in a league such as the LCS, OWL, or CDL is a job. One that often comes with long, repetitive hours and often demanding fans.

With the additional services of Adamas Esports behind the Houston Outlaws, their players will have access to sports psychologists to help maintain a healthy mental balance to prevent burnout. That alone is one of the biggest hurdles that many professional players have to overcome.

“We are thrilled to be leveraging the proven expertise of Adamas Esports in an effort to give the Outlaws a competitive advantage this season,” said Lori Burgess, Chief Operating Officer for the Houston Outlaws. “Our goal is to accelerate our performance and to ensure that our players are poised to achieve optimal results in their quest to win together as a team.”

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