2021 Q1 Patch Notes – The Year Thus Far

It’s April, which means Q1 for 2021 is officially in the books. We here at CheckpointXP have compiled a list of the major patch notes you may or may not have noticed. As always, patch notes are only as of now and the industry will see ongoing content updates throughout the year.

New Content

  • New Items In The Cash Shop – Three new items have been added to the cash shop.
    • Moderna Vaccine – A potential fix for the ongoing COVID-19 bug. Acquired in two installments. Quantity limited.
    • Pfizer Vaccine – A potential fix for the ongoing COVID-19 bug. Acquired in two installments. Quantity limited.
    • Johnson and Johnson Vaccine – A potential fix for the ongoing COVID-19 bug. Limited one per account. Quantity limited.
    • *Known Issue* – Storefront is under repair.
  • New Dungeon – A new dungeon has been added exclusively for Activision-Blizzard employees – Avoiding Layoffs (Hard Mode). *Note* Avoiding Layoffs (Extreme Mode) will be added in a later patch cycle, presumably after Actiblizz announces record profits.
  • New Mythic Raid – A new mythic raid is in development. While not ready yet, we expect the Olympic Games 2021 Mythic Raid to debut sometime in Q2. We appreciate your patience as we make sure this content lives up to player expectations.
  • Quality of Life System Added – The Disney+ System will now add Marvel and Star Wars content on a regular basis.
  • New PVP System Added – MLB Season 2021 has been added. Lack of player enthusiasm currently under investigation.
  • New PVP System Added – The Overwatch League Season 4 Event will be added in patch 4.16.

Hot Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with American Federal Government
    • – President Biden added to 2021 roster of champions.
    • – Trump champion now automatically defaults to mute.
  • Fixed an issue wherein racism was prevalent in America
    • *UPDATE* Racism still prevalent in America. Issue under investigation.
  • Temporarily disabled EverGiven NPC as it was causing a bug in Suez Canal zone.
  • Temporarily disabled Capital Building Zone to remove players who illicitly gained access.
    • – Players under investigation for further penalization.
  • Addressed an issue wherein esports scene was almost entirely male.
    • – Added in Women’s VALORANT esports.
    • – Issue under ongoing investigation for further action.
  • Values for League of Legends LCS and LEC have been adjusted.
    • – Perkz has been added to LCS (Cloud9). Changes not expected to affect balance.
    • – North American competitiveness on international stage still considering potential fixes.

Known Issues

  • PS5 and X-Box Series X stock still highly limited. Examining possible fixes.
  • NVIDIA Cards stock still highly limited. Examining possible fixes.
  • Despite ongoing hot-fixes, player error still causing issues with COVID-19 bug. Exploring disabling maskless NPCs as potential hot fix.
  • Delays in new game releases due to ongoing player health issues.

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