Soulja Boy is back and is ready to release ANOTHER console, showing he learned literally nothing from the last time Nintendo sued him into oblivion forcing him to cancel his last one. Plus, Daigo Umehara wins at Capcom Pro Tour Season Finals with a broken finger! And, Tony Hawk hits up Crash Bandicoot on Twitter to get the Tony Hawk Pro Skater Remake released on the Switch, and it may have worked.

Soulja Boy Planning on Releasing New Console

Rapper Soulja Boy has attempted to release a console before, but has only been met with failure and it looks like he is trying his luck one more time. Announced yesterday, the “all new” Soulja Game Console looks exactly like hardware that is out in the wild already, and isn’t going to be cutting into Sony or Microsoft’s sales any time soon.

Daigo Umehara wins at Capcom Pro Tour Season Finals with broken finger

The fighting game community, and in general most esports, tends to lean towards younger players and some OG’s that have a little grey in their hair. But literal icon Daigo Umehara continues to put on for us Boomers older than 20, pulling off one of the most impressive Capcom Pro Tour wins by claiming the season finals championship, doing it all while sporting a broken finger.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 Remaster Coming to Switch, Other Next Gen Platforms

Leave it to Twitter to not only be the worst thing on the internet (No, seriously, it’s kind of the worst), but also somehow be a shining light in the dark that is 2021. Tony Hawk, one of the best people in the planet hands down, took to Twiter to plead with the powers that be to get the latest remake of the classic skateboarding game that shares his name to be released on the Nintendo Switch.