DOTA 2 Team DQ’ed For FAKING COVID TESTS, Fortnite & Street Fighter Skins Crossover, CDL Super Week

A DOTA 2 Team is disqualified from a DreamHack competition after they faked a COVID-19 test results and gave all of their opponents a win, plus, Fortnite and Street Fighter are going to be teaming up very soon thanks to a new leak that confirms a skin crossover event, AND, the CDL announces a new Super Week after matches were postponed due to Texas snowstorms.

DOTA 2 Team Disqualified After Fake COVID-19 Test

European DOTA is back in the spotlight for another faux pas after a team called Burjui that was participating in a Dreamhack event was found to have submitted a fake COVID-19 test that falsely stated that one of their players had COVID, when it was in fact a forged result. In an announcement by Dreamhack, the tournament organizers revealed that the team conspired to submit a fake medical document to skirt a rule that was in place about player substitutions; the Dreamhack league play allowed for a substitute player to play in four matches throughout the year, and Burjui had already used up their four matches that the sub player was able to play. A player with COVID 19 would have constituted a “special circumstance” which is how they would have skirted that four game sub rule.

Fortnite Leaks Confirms Street Fighter Skins Coming Soon

Fortnite has essentially become the real life Oasis from the Ready Player One book series, a mecca of all corporatized ideas and creations coming together to meld into one big blob of cash for Epic Games. First we had Avengers and super heroes, then we had Star Wars, and now, the next big crossover that Fortnite will be debuting is the inclusion of the iconic fighters from the Street Fighter series.

CDL Announces Super Week Schedule Following Weather Postponements

The wild winter storms tearing through Texas have put NA esports competitions into chaos over the past two weeks, leaving many players and orgs without power or reliable internet. The CDL is still mostly being held online for 2021, many teams thought they were outplaying the system by relocating to Texas so that many of the teams were playing on the same servers and hopefully beating the issues that come from playing games over the internet and the differences those online connections can cause.

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