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After months of waiting, Capcom Cup 2020 finally has a firm date. Like so many events this year, Street Fighter’s World Championship was postponed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. In the end, Capcom Cup 2020 went the route of many others and decided on online events to get through the crisis. A series of qualifiers were held throughout the back-end of 2020, and now the event is set to be held on February 19th through the 21st.

Where things stand now

The Capcom Cup is the final event of the Capcom Pro Tour season, and invites twenty of the worlds best to compete. So far, 19 players have qualified for Capcom Cup 2020. The final slot looks set to go to RB|Luffy, who is leading in the community vote which determines the final slot. While the qualifiers were all held online, this event is set to be held in-person. That said, no fans will be allowed in attendance. Every precaution is being taken to protect the health and safety of the players.

This year’s tournament was originally set to be held in Paris. However, it has now been relocated to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. North America will be well represented among the competition. In addition to Capcom Cup 2019 champion iDom, other major North American competitors like Smug, Samurai, and Nephew will be in attendance.

Where and when to watch?

The Capcom Cup will be running from February 19th through the 21st. You can check out all the action on Twitch. We’ll update with the starting times as well as the tournament bracket as it becomes available.

For fighting game fans out there, this really is the must-see event of the year. Normally, that honor goes to EVO. However, EVO was cancelled this year amidst among calls of gross mismanagement and sexual misconduct in the community. With or without the pandemic, there are now looming questions about whether EVO will ever return to its former glory.

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