Houston Outlaws Re-Sign Danteh to 2021 Overwatch League Roster

It’s going to be a long off-season for some teams as they embark on a complete rebuild. In just two weeks the Houston Outlaws have made a few social media shattering moves. Last week they announced their signing of Jae “Junkbuck” Choi as Co-Head coach with Harsha Bandi. They also announced last week that Matt “CoolMatt” Iorio would be taking up the mantle of General Manager. Their next big move involves a familiar face…Dante ‘Danteh’ Cruz will remain on the Houston Outlaws roster for the 2021 season.

When the off-season officially began, the vast majority of the Houston Outlaw’s announced they would be entering into free agency, including Danteh. Hydration was the only one still under contract according to the details released by the Overwatch League. Danteh had posted on Twitter about his free agency but also made sure to mention that he may still sign with the Outlaws.

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My contract with Outlaws is expiring and I will be a free agent for the upcoming season. This doesn’t necessarily mean I won’t be on Outlaws next year but I’m free to explore my options. DMs are open and my discord is Danteh#6402

Always an Outlaw

The Outlaws announced early Tuesday that Danteh would remain an Outlaw for the 2021 season. We asked Danteh how he feels going into the new season. “The Outlaws are going to look very different. It feels very bittersweet because a lot of my older friends aren’t on the team anymore, but I’m really excited to play with new players. I really think our management will form a winning roster and I’m excited to work with everyone.”. Danteh also said that the Outlaws picking up Junkbuck from the San Francisco Shock influenced his decision to stay. “Junkbuck is an extremely good coach and I think Outlaws will benefit a lot with him on board.”

Danteh started his professional Overwatch career playing for the San Francisco Shock in 2018 inaugural season. He joined the Houston Outlaws in late 2018 to fill the role of a Tracer specialist.

Danteh’s Reputation

We asked the Co-Head Coaches, Harsha, and Junkbuck what it meant to have Danteh back with the Houston Outlaws roster for 2021. Junkbuck said, “Danteh brings incredible value to the team and will be the start of a strong core for us to build upon.”. Building upon that Harsha continued that sentiment stating, “Danteh is both incredibly talented and passionate about Overwatch. He always looks to improve his own play and elevate the level of everyone around him. Every team wants to feature a player like Danteh and I’m incredibly excited to work with him again.”

Lori Burgess, Beasley Esports Chief Operating Officer commented on keeping Danteh as part of the Houston Outlaws for 2021. “Last season it became apparent to me that Dante possessed the elite-level skills, an understanding of what it means to be a “consummate team player” and that perfect combination of passion and excellence needed to become a star and core player for the Outlaws,” she said in a statement to CheckpointXP. “Let’s face it, our players are the envy of so many young people that would love to get paid to play video games for their living. The fact that Dante is willing to show up every day and share that passion with his teammates, his fanbase, and the City of Houston makes him a star in my book.”

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Welcome back @danteh We’re thrilled to have you again for the 2021 season!#AnteUp pic.twitter.com/vKWOK3DXI9

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