Renegades Host VALORANT Invitational October 17th-18th

The Renegades VALORANT Invitational is set to get underway next weekend. 16 teams, including the Renegades themselves, will be competing for a share of the $10,000 prize. The event is scheduled to run on the weekend of October 17th, with group stages being held on the 17th and the playoffs being held on the 18th. While 12 of the teams are invited, qualifiers will be held this weekend to claim the last 4 slots in the tournament. Those qualifiers are open to the public and you can register here.

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Renegades are proud to introduce the Renegades x @nerdstgamers Valorant Invitational!12 Invited teams, 4 Qualifier teams.You don’t want to miss out on the action. Stay tuned for announcements of the invited teams. 🤠

Schedule (Eastern Time)

Saturday, October 17th, 2020 – Day 1
Full Groups GSL: (Double elimination bracket)
4:00PM – 11:00 PM

Sunday, October 18th, 2020 – Day 2
Playoffs: Single Elimination Bracket. Best of three rounds.
4:00PM – 11:00 PM

Stay tuned to the Renegades Twitter to find out who’s competing! You can check out all the action at the Renegades Twitch channel.


VALORANT is Riot’s second game to be released. It’s a tactical shooter in the same vein as Counter-Strike. If you’re a VALORANT rookie, here’s a short tutorial. Two teams of 5 players each pick an agent they want to play with special abilities. A game lasts 24 rounds, ending when one team gets to 13 wins. During the first half, one team is on offense and one on defense. The team on offense needs to try to plant and protect a bomb until it explodes. Meanwhile, the team on defense needs to either eliminate the other team or defuse the bomb after it’s planted.

At the beginning of each round is a buy phase where teams can purchase weapons and upgrades. If a player survives the round, they can keep their gear into the next round. If they die, they’ll have to re-buy. After 12 rounds, the teams will swap sides and continue on until one side wins 13 rounds total. If you want to see some of the highest levels of competitive VALORANT play, make sure to tune in to the Renegades VALORANT Invitational on October 17th!

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