Gen G Executes Decisive Victory in Worlds

Each week at CheckpointXP we bring you a moment in gaming that’s too close for comfort. This week we wipe the sweat from our brow after we look to the League of Legends World stage. Gen G was facing off against LGD and 45 minutes into the match it didn’t look like either side had the upper hand. But Gen G’s Ruler saw an opening and helped deliver a swift victory in their League of Legends Worlds run.

The Brave and the Bold

League of Legend’s World Finals is always a tense month for all involved. The best of the best from all regions around the globe pushing as far and as fast as they can to be champions. In the match between Gen G and LGD, it couldn’t have been more even. In most matches, either through kills or gold, you start to see one side or the other begin to emerge as the dominant team. But this match was a dead heat even at the 45-minute mark.

But as the two teams were battling it out, Gen G’s Ruler realized that the LGD was out of position. Gen G was actually between LGD and their Nexus. So, instead of continuing the team fight Gen G simply turned around and stormed into LGD’s base and began to wreak havoc. LGD’s players attempted to recall back to the base to defend, but Gen G’s Rascal was already on top of them keeping from being able to do anything. It bought the precious few moments Gen G needed to destroy the Nexus and secure the win.

GEN vs LGD | Worlds Group Stage Day 1 | Gen.G vs LGD Gaming (2020)

2020 World Championship Group Stage Day 1 #Worlds2020Gen.G vs LGD Gaming Gen.G Line up:* Rascal – Top Volibear* Clid – Jungle Gragas* Bdd – Mid Lucian* R…

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