MAD Lions Eliminated from LoL Worlds 2020 in SuperMassive Upset

Usually, when it comes to talking about disappointing performances at Worlds, it’s always the North American teams being discussed. Year after year, Asian teams continue to dominate the top spots while the EU stays in contention despite only winning it all a single time (still more than North America’s big old goose egg.) However, MAD Lions have made history for being the first EU team bumped in play in stages of the tournament, and doing so while dropping games to teams like Liquid and SuperMassive. 

MAD Lions came into play-ins with momentum, finishing third at Spring Playoffs and second in the regular-season portion of the Summer Split. But, the team filled with rookies struggled to put together the performances they put on in LEC competition, and with 2020 marking three of their core players’ first years as top-level professionals, they looked flat outmatched when it came to big games with big stakes.

I am not a massive League of Legends fan, but even I could tell that their champion selections left a lot to be desired, and that again can be brought back to just flat out inexperience. And because of that, they are now the first LEC team to drop out in the first round of Worlds, and even failing to win a single game in their final best of 5 game that was winning or go home. 

What does this mean in the grand scheme of things? Well, not a lot for the immediate tournament. MAD Lions weren’t expected to head very far (at least, farther than group stages but not by much), and there is still a massive undertaking for teams left in the competition. Team Liquid may be chuckling that they finally got through a Worlds’ play-in round, but if they happen to get placed in Group B with some MONSTER competitors, they won’t be laughing so loudly.

We are posting daily updates on the Worlds tournament over at our website, so stay up to date there and lock in to root on your favorite teams!


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