Overwatch League 2020

The OWLs Nest is CheckpointXP’s official podcast for the Overwatch League. Every episode Robbie Landis is joined by Jake Lyon to discuss the latest league moves, matches, and more. This episode focuses on the meta game that has been evolving on live servers since the recent balance changes to the game. We won’t have a concrete answer until the first week of the Overwatch League post-season, but Jake and Robbie do a bit of theory crafting on what the meta might look like to close out the 2020 season.

Times Are Changing

As the 2020 Overwatch League season comes to a close, all eyes are on the post-season. The teams will be fighting to become the new 2020 champion, but the strategies they employ will be different from what we’re used to. Hero Pools have kept the meta ever-changing throughout the online play due to Covid-19. We’ve seen a wide array of strategies from tournament to tournament, but double shields and Brigitte (when she was in) was a dominant aspect of most of them. With new balance changes settling into the live servers we’ve already started to notice some changes.

Jake and Robbie dive into some of the notable changes on the live server that will be in effect for the Overwatch League 2020 post-season. The biggest heroes being affected by these changes are tank hero Orisa and support hero Brigitte. Both of them have been given significant nerfs that will affect the strategies they use to be employed in. Jake takes us through the consequences of these changes and how they will come to impact the Overwatch League 2020 post-season meta game.

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