Overwatch League: Valiant Reverse Sweep Mayhem

Each week at CheckpointXP we bring you a moment in gaming that’s too close for comfort. This week we wipe the sweat from our brow after a 5 game match in the Overwatch League between the Los Angeles Valiant and Florida Mayhem.

Very Different Teams

The Florida Mayhem has come a long way since its first iteration in the inaugural season of the league. After several roster shake-ups, the Florida Mayhem went from a bottom-dwelling to team to one of the top 4 contenders this year. They even went the distance in the May Melee tournament, defeating the Philadelphia Fusion and taking two maps off the San Francisco Shock. The Los Angeles Valiant is quite a different team as well. They completely reworked their roster between the 2019 and 2020 seasons and have almost an entire rookie squad. They’ve been doing fairly well this season, but are still just above average overall in the league.

Quelling the Mayhem

The match between the Valiant and the Mayhem looked as though it would be over quick. The Florida Mayhem took quick map one on Busan with a 2-0 score. On map 2 the Mayhem was able to complete the map and then hold the Valiant from doing the same. With Florida up match point, it was looking like the end for the Valiant when every win in the Overwatch League matters most.

On Volskaya, map 3 of the series, the game went the distance into extra rounds, which isn’t unusual for the map. But in the end, the Valiant managed to grab the win with a 4 to 3 map score. The stage was now set for the reverse sweep. Map 4 Havana, is a map that is notoriously difficult to actually finish, but the Valiant and Mayhem both did so and pushed into a second-round was the Valiant took another win forcing the game 5. On the final control map in Ilios, the Los Angeles Valiant finished the game much like the Mayhem started it. With a 2 and 0 map score, the Valiant claimed victory of the Florida Mayhem.

@Florida Mayhem vs @LA Valiant | Week 28 | NA Day 3

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