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TSM has arrived on the scene in N.A. Valorant after defeating their rivals Sentinels twice in the FaZe Invitational, and did so in a bit of a squeaker. They were forced to go to a map 5 and even had overtime sprinkled in there, in order to secure the bag and set up a storyline in earlier Valorant that isn’t going away anytime soon. After TSM defeated Sentinels 2-0 in the upper bracket finals (a rematch of the PAX Arena Invitational finals), Sentinels clawed their way back through the lower brackets to bring a rematch back to TSM, and it went the distance.

TSM Defeat Sentinels

TSM lost the first map, Haven, 13-8 but it was a slobber knocker match throughout the rest of the showdown. TSM took Split, then it was Sentinels taking Ascent, all to force a map 5. Drone absolutely popped off with and emerged as one of the most underrated NA talent players. We saw strong performances from former Overwatch-pro Sinatraa, and SicK was in there as well. To be honest, this was the kind of championship that is going to define what the Valorant scene is going to look like. 

An interesting note was that the newest agent released in Valorant, Killjoy, was removed from the competition as they couldn’t guarantee her competitive balance. That’s cool, and something that I wish MORE esports would be able to do. You constantly see issues within the Call of Duty League with players being frustrated with last-minute changes to the game that could possibly change entire metas right before large competitions. And with the viewers on Twitch moving over 100k concurrent, this was NOT the time to have the game and meta looking broken. This was the kind of tournament that showed why Valorant is quickly moving towards becoming an elite esports scene, and that the people excited for its rise are maybe not just chasing hype over a new game.


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