Dr. Disrespect Expected To Stream Again As Soon As Today

Dr. Disrespect

Updated (8/6/20 – 5:30p EST): Dr. Disrespect to stream on YouTube, LIVE at 12p. PST. To the surprise of his fans, Dr. Disrespect took to Instagram Live today with a “news reporter” claiming that “Dr. Disrespect may return to streaming as soon as today.” This was followed after he added a Join button to his YouTube, where you can subscribe to his YouTube content for $4.99. Is it true that the Dr. Disrespect stream is back?

Dr. Disrespect Stream Is Back?

When I say this is a developing story, I mean, it’s a developing story because I am now receiving word Dr. Disrespect may return to streaming as soon as today. This is some big, big news from the two-time streamer of the year. They fully here at BSM (?) News. Our sources are actually legit. – Dr. Disrespect’s Instagram Live

There is no other information regarding Dr. Disrespect’s partnership with Twitch, but it would seem he has worked out a deal to possibly stream on YouTube. For those looking for answers on why he was banned from Twitch in the first place, we doubt there will be any information about this during this potential stream since he still claims that he doesn’t know why he was banned by the platform. But he will sing you a little song about how he’s feeling…

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Removed Twitch From Instagram

And for those wondering if he will be returning to Twitch, he recently removed his Twitch Instagram Stories. This seems rather telling of his stance on returning.


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