Street Fighter V AnNounces Characters For Final Season

The legacy Fighting game, Street Fighter V, laid out the plan for the final season in a “Summer Update” stream. While light on specifics, the stream announced a number of characters, merch, and esports events. And by officially calling it the game’s final year of updates, it’s clear that plans for the next iteration of the series are already in the works. But without further ado here is what got unveiled in the stream

Street Fighter V Summer Update

It’s time to rule the ring! Hear about the future of Street Fighter V: Champion Edition as new characters, stages and more are being revealed!

“V” New Characters

Anyone following the game knew that Capcom was planning to release five characters to end the games support cycle. However, we had no clue as to which ones would be announced. But we now have an answer for four of the new fighters. With one still left unannounced. First off, we had the taunt master, Dan. Originally conceptualized as a joke character, Dan is designed to be the worst character in the game. His moves have pitiful range, very little advantage or utility and he hits like a wet paper bag. But, this Ryu knock-off became a fan favorite and his inclusion gives experts the chance to flex on their opponents by picking the character with deliberate handicaps.

Next was another fan favorite of the series which is Rose, the Italian Tarot Mystic. Rose was originally induced in Street Fighter Alpha in 1995. She wasn’t in the Street Fighter III series at all so we didn’t have a version of Rose until 2008’s SF IV. Rose specializes in distance fighting and defense. She was one of the first characters in Street Fighter that could deflect fireballs and send them back at her opponents.

Oro was the next available character, a bit of a head-scratcher. Making his debut in Street Fighter III, Oro is one of the most complex and unique fighters ever in the series. He’s a hermit from Brazil that is canonically the strongest fighter of all time. He’s an expert level character that has a high skill ceiling.

Lastly, we have Akira who isn’t even from Street Fighter at all. She comes from the oft-forgotten, but brilliant “Rival Schools” series. Its last game was Project Justice, which came out for the Dreamcast all the way back in ’00. Akira is a biker-girl brawler who packs a serious punch. The devs also say that there are some Rival Schools-style mechanics for Akira that are unique to her. If that means the super-jumps or tag moves of the series are coming with her remains to be seen. But, Akira’s inclusion hopefully means there could be more from Rival Schools in the future.

Esports and Merch

In other news coming from Capcom, the new season of Street Fighter League is coming in the fall, with an online format. This time instead of the US vs. Japan format, the top six teams in the world will face off. With the championship going down early next year at Capcom Cup finals. And lastly, pro wrestler Kenny Omega, joined the stream to reveal some t-shirt collaborations between Street Fighter and All Elite Wrestling. The new gear is coming from and features AEW wrestlers alongside iconic Street Fighter Characters.

The new content for Street Fighter V will start tricking out in Winter 2020, with Dan as the first new fighter coming out. The reaming DLC drops periodically through 2021, ending next fall with the final, currently unannounced character.


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