This week’s big OOF goes to Riot for accidentally sending out a release web page on their own website SUPER early, thereby spoiling and leaking the release of this new hero long before it was supposed to go public. The newest Valorant agent, Killjoy, will be a turret-loving fighter hoping to shake up the meta going into Act 2 of the popular first-person shooter. 


Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 & 2 Remake will receive MASSIVE new additions to its already iconic soundtrack when the remakes come out in September, Riot accidentally reveals their new character and a big name pro warns that Riot seems to want to be more Overwatch than CSGO when it comes to Valorant now, and Team Liquid BLOW UP their CSGO Roster and FIRE their In-Game Leader Before a MAJOR Tournament

Tony Hawk Pro Skater Remakes Get KILLER Soundtrack & Hiko Warns Riot After Valorant Adds Killjoy

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 & 2 will receive MASSIVE new additions to its already iconic soundtrack when the remakes come out in September, Riot accidentally re…

What started as a small, little, itty bitty leak over the past few weeks, with a voice line here leaking or a few work in progress animations getting out, became a full-on leak stream this week thanks to some Riot employee accidentally setting a webpage announcing the new character to public view before the Act 2 reveal date of next month. 

Killjoy looks….cool? I mean, it’s not a bad character, but it just seems that the agents being released are now more and more leaning into becoming Overwatch characters and betraying the underlying premise of what Valorant was supposed to be; a shooter that happened to have a few ability mechanics in it. That’s what drew so many both former and current Counter-Strike players to the game, the kind of players who never made the leap to Overwatch or other similar FPS titles because of the lack of focus on gunplay.

And that’s exactly what worries 100 Thieves team captain, Hiko, as he talked about on a stream reacting to exactly where this agent is going to put the state of the game.

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After the recent Killjoy leaks, @Hiko thinks #VALORANT needs Tank Agents or more healers.Do you agree? 🤔

And he’s right. When he’s right, he’s right. Nothing is more frustrating playing this game than feeling like the actual gun mechanics continue to slide down the list in order of importance. Riot has now officially launched the announcement for Killjoy, as the leak kind of already ruined any plans of keeping it under wraps any longer. But will we see shield type agents being released in the near future for this game? For the sake of Hiko’s blood pressure, I sure hope not.


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