In this era of political divide, it’s difficult to find anything that most people agree on. However, one thing that almost everyone agrees on is that more people need to get out and vote. Enter Gamers.Vote. They’re a non-partisan organization dedicated to encouraging gamers to register to vote and make their voice heard. And unsurprisingly, gamers make up one of the largest demographics of voters in the country. This July, Gamers.Vote is making a big push to get gamers registered and CheckpointXP is on board! We’re participating in both the Level Up And Vote campaign as well as the Rising Stars Initiative. You can find more information below!

Level Up And Vote

“Level Up and Vote” will officially launch July 4th with a marathon streaming celebration. It’ll be found across Twitch, Facebook Gaming, and Instagram platforms. Gamers.Vote will employ technology on each respective platform, directing the millions of viewers watching live-streams to register to vote online across the country. HyperX and other sponsors will join streams at the local and national level to enhance the experience and empower the communities they already support.

“There are now over 133 million gamers of voting age in the US.,” said Gamers.Vote CEO, Christie St. Martin. “Our mission is to get as many of those people as we can registered to vote in the month of July. We’ve teamed up with some of the biggest names in the industry to create a movement. And, with so many important conversations currently happening in our gaming communities, Gamers.Vote is excited to work with such amazing partners to empower and amplify those voices where it really counts, at the ballot box.”

In addition to the July Vote-A-Thon, Gamers.Vote is also shining a light on up and coming streamers with the Rising Stars Initiative.

Rising Stars Initiative

Level Up and Vote will also include a ‘Rising Stars’ initiative. Gamers.Vote has partnered with CheckpointXP/Beasley Esports and Georgia-based Swagged Out Nerds. The goal is to encourage all streamers great and small to have a voice and register gamers to vote in July and beyond. “Every day in July,” said Swagged Out Nerds CEO Jason Clarke, “we will feature ‘rising star’ streamers on the front page of Twitch that our communities have identified as important new voices.” CheckpointXP COO Lori Burgess added, “We believe that today’s gamers have an opportunity to help fuel much-needed change by using their right to vote for what matters most—our future.”

Gamers.Vote will be shining a light on a diverse coalition of both established and up and coming streamers. Operating on the Swagged Out Nerds Twitch channel, they’ll be on Twitch front page every night at 9 PM EST. So make sure you tune in as we highlight the next generation of Twitch stars. It’s never been more important to make your voice heard, and there’s no need to wait until the festivities begin! You can head on over to Gamers.Vote right now and register!

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