Each week we bring you two moments, one of epic success, someone who absolutely nailed it! And another of an epic failure, someone who totally failed it. This week we tip our hats to San Francisco Shock of the Overwatch League. We also face-palm at the cringe worthy rap recap that the LCS put on for League of Legends.

Nailed It! San Francisco Shock Sweep the League

The San Francisco Shock cemented themselves as one of the greatest of all time last year. They made an incredible run through the losers bracket of the Grand Finals, refusing to drop a single map. They demolished the Vancouver Titans in the finals with a clean sweep to be crowned the 2019 Champions. This year they’ve continued their dominance sweeping many teams with 3 and 0 series wins. But their win over the Paris Eternal last weekend was the cherry on top. With a 3 and 0 win over the Paris team the Shock have secured a new League first record. They are the first team in the history of the Overwatch League to beat every other team with a clean sweep.

Failed It! The LCS Casting Desk

When it comes to esports competition and presentation, Riot Games League of Legends does it the best. They’ve helped to set the industry standard time and time again. They’re also a big reason why esports are finally being taken seriously. One day when League, Overwatch or CS:GO stand toe-to-toe with traditional sports, it will be in large part due to the LCS. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t without their own mishaps. This past week, they had one of their talent on the desk recap the current state of the league by rapping…it was something straight out of the 90s. Not the good parts either.

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