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After playing in the Trovo challenge this past weekend, and doing okay (for a Fortnite player) and reaching the Semifinals of that tournament, Ninja leaving for Valorant has become a topic of conversation in certain circles. The self-proclaimed Fortnite king has had a few challenges of the past year, including his Mixer deal unseating him as the king of Twitch, not to mention the struggles the newest season of Fortnite has presented (I mean, most of the game is underwater anymore.) But with the advent of the new scene in Valorant, can we expect Ninja to be making the leap? 

Let’s be real here. Ninja is entertaining enough to be a streamer for the rest of his career. He may not be your favorite streamer, but he will be able to hold onto a stream career for as long as he would like. But going pro? I don’t know about that. This comes at the same time as Overwatch pro Decay supposedly is benching himself because he is interested in going pro in Valorant as well. When you have people like Hiko and Skadoodle joining, and Shroud deciding to sit it out, Ninja has to be in the headspace of knowing where he sits. I think Ninja knows this, and is going to be aware of the growth in the Valorant space at the same time. Will we see him go pro in Valorant? I would put money on no. But will he be absent from playing Valorant and entering into tournaments in the near future? Not at all.

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Ninja Playing In Valorant Tournaments, Will He Be Leaving Fortnite to Go Pro? Plus, Mixer is rocked by accusations of racism at the highest level calling content creators “slaves”, and a brand new Crash Bandicoot game is announced for later this year.

Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images


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