Each week we bring you two moments, one of epic success, someone who absolutely nailed it! And another of an epic failure, someone who totally failed it. This week we tip our hats to OWL pro Yeong-han “SP9RK1E” Kim of the Paris Eternal. We also face-palm at the failings of the Call of Duty League. People nail it and fail it every day, but SP9RK1E and Call of Duty League hit epic proportions of each.

Nailed It! SP9RK1E of the Paris Eternal

The Paris Eternal have been on the cusp of greatness all season long. They have moments of triumph, but then hit a hiccup or suffer a devastating loss that they probably shouldn’t have. Halfway through the season they lost star DPS Ki-hyo “Xzi” Jung who went back to South Korea for personal issues. Some of those woes may have been solved. SP9RK1E has been on the roster since the start of the season, but due to his age hasn’t played. Now that he’s old enough he had his debut match this past weekend.

SP9RKLE did not disappoint as he took over the field of play with his deep hero roster and amazing plays. His Genji play was particularly amazing as he won several team fights off his Dragonblade. Sometimes getting as many as four kills. In one instance his Ana hit him with Nanoboost while he had Dragonblade. But he was slept by the opposing teams Ana. In most cases, this would spell disaster for Genji players. SP9RK1E gets back up and without the Dragonblade still manages to secure four kills and help win the match.

Overall, his Genji had 28.4 final blows per 10 minutes. That means he was securing a kill at every 20 seconds. An impressive feat for his time on the big stage. Check out his amazing Genji performance below.

Failed It! Call of Duty League 40 Minute Delay

The Seattle Surge have had a real rough season so far. They’re sitting near the bottom of the rankings with only 50 CDL points. That ties them for 11th place with the Los Angeles Gorillas. They’re only above the Toronto Ultra who have 40 CDL points. The Surge had a chance to net some wins this past weekend when they faced off against the Atlanta FaZe. FaZe is currently in the number one spot with 200 CDL points. A win against them would’ve given the Surge some much needed clout.

The Surge was up 2 to 0 against the Atlanta FaZe and were on match point. But, something went wrong with the Call of Duty League broadcast that resulted in a 45 minute delay. Eventually the broadcast was back up and running and they resumed played. In that delay the FaZe were able to get their heads on straight. They ended up coming back and taking the win in a reverse sweep. Fans and players are so upset that the League made a new ruling. If a delay is lasts more than 20 minutes, the match is to be rescheduled.

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