Each week at CheckpointXP we bring you a moment in esports that’s too close for comfort. This week for CheckpointXP’s close shave we visit the Overwatch League. This week we visit Twitch Rivals Valorant Tournament as one of the first competitive events in the scene.

Since Riot Games first announced they’d be stepping into the competitive first person shooter scene, fans have been excited. Despite an official launch that is smaller than expected, Valorant made heads all over the internet with its BETA launch. Riot Games has said they don’t plan to host any formal esports tournament and instead would like a grassroots community to spring up instead. As endemic brands begin to build their teams, Twitch is one of the first to step into the competitive space with Twitch Rivals.

During the Twitch Rivals Valorant Tournament, all eyes were on CS:GO alumni AZK, Brax, Crashies, Food and SkaDoodle. They tore through most of the competition and are considered the number 1 team in Valorant. Watch as T1 takes the Championship in a close match against Myth.

Twitch Rivals GRAND FINALS Game 3: T1(Brax, Ska, AZK) Vs TSM + Myth

Twitch Rivals GRAND FINALS Game 3: T1(Brax, Ska, AZK) Vs TSM + Myth Myth, ReltuC, Drone, Subroza, Wardell vs Brax, Skadoodle, AZK, Food, Crashies Giveaway: h…

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