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Fantasy sports have helped propel traditional sports in the modern era. It’s no surprise that fantasy esports should look to do the same. Each new generation of fan represents a unique challenge for traditional sports. With the millennial generation, the challenge was simple in design but complex in solution. How do you bring sports to the digital space? The solution was fantasy leagues. Growing up a gamer and a movie geek, football was the furthest thing from my mind when I reached college. A chance invite from some friends to join their fantasy league fueled a strong passion for the game.

Perhaps the most shocking thing about fantasy esports is that only recently has it begun to come into its own. In an age where everything is digital, how has it taken so long for fantasy esports to really take hold? Why have the examples we’ve gotten been so heavily focused on gambling? The fun of fantasy sports to me was about the camaraderie. Finally, I believe the app I’ve been waiting for has come along. It’s called Sleeper.

How to play fantasy League of Legends?

Similar to other fantasy sports, you start by inviting your friends into a league, collectively deciding on a time to hold your draft, and then each drafting a roster of players to fill your respective fantasy teams. The ideal league size is 6-8 people, and each team will have 5 players on their roster at the end of the draft.

Following the draft, teams then compete in weekly head-to-head contests using their drafted players. Each team accumulates a fantasy score based on how their players perform in real life, and this score is used to determine who wins each head-to-head matchup.

The key to beating your opponent is drafting well, but also making the right decisions during the season. Sleeper’s League of Legends fantasy leagues has an added level of strategy that many League of Legends players will be familiar with, the concept of picks and bans.

Sleeper  League of Legends Match Up

Teams can receive scoring bonuses by accurately picking the champions that their own players use during the week, and can also penalize their opponents if they ban the right champions that their opponent’s players use. This creates a fun and dynamic element to the fantasy experience where you can outsmart your opponent based on your predictions.

At the end of the season, the teams with the best win-loss record will enter a playoff to determine the ultimate season champion.

For help or tutorials, you can go to

Interview with Co-Founders Nan Wang and Weixi Yen

Nan Wang

Kali sits down with Sleeper App co-founders, Nan Wang and Weixi Yen to talk about the new addition to their sports fantasy app. Today, they announce the newest fantasy league, League of Legends. But this is just the tip of the iceberg for these creators. They explain their interest in expanding into more fantasy esports leagues in the near future.

Stay ahead of the curve and download the Sleeper App now and get started creating your fantasy League of Legends league. 

Weixi Yen

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