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As the Overwatch League is about to hit the halfway point of the season, they also begin a new format for the month of May. The May Tournament format brings new and increased stakes to the league. The first few weeks will still contribute to the overall regular-season standings, but they’ll also help to determine seeding for the single-elimination tournament at the end of the month. This is a great opportunity for some teams to get a much-needed boost in the standings as winning the tournament will also net the teams ‘bonus wins’ for their current records. Check below for the Overwatch League Week 13 recap.

Overwatch League Week 13 Results

Saturday, May 2nd

Guangzhou Charge 3 v 0 Seoul Dynasty
New York Excelsior 2 v 3 Shanghai Dragons
Dallas Fuel 3 v 0 Washington Justice
Los Angeles Valiant 3 v 2 Atlanta Reign
Houston Outlaws 0 v 3 San Francisco Shock

Sunday, May 3rd

Seoul Dynasty 0 v 3 Hangzhou Spark
Chengdu Hunters 1 v 3 New York Excelsior
Philadelphia Fusion 3 v 2 Paris Eternal
Florida Mayhem 3 v 0 Boston Uprising
Toronto Defiant 1 v 3 Los Angeles Gladiators

Week 13 Match of the Week Highlights

New York Excelsior 2 v 3 Shanghai Dragons

Map 1, Lijiang – New York Excelsior

Despite the addition of Echo to professional play, NYXL didn’t run her on the first map. Instead, they went with the standard Mei and Reaper combo. They manage to capture the first point and run the percentage up to 60 before the Dragons take the point back. The Excelsior takes the first round thanks to Seonghyun “Jjonak” Bang’s Moira healing. NYXL takes the first capture in the second round as they play aggressively against the Dragons with a Torbjorn and Reaper, trying to keep the pressure on Jinhyeok “DDing” Yang’s Echo to stop him from getting any setup. New York reaches 99% before the Dragons finally flip the point. NYXL does manage to come back and take the round and map.

Map 2, Eichenwalde – New York Excelsior

Both teams run Echo on Eichenwalde, with New York pairing her with Tracer and the Dragons running Sombra for the EMP on the attack. It takes the Dragons some time to finally break New York’s defense, but they were able to save the EMP when taking point A. The Dragons take point with a minute left on the clock and they go into point C with 2 and half minutes on the clock. The Dragons are able to finish the map but not before the Excelsior drain their entire time bank.

New York takes the first point on their first attack after waiting for a patient-first pick on the Dragons. They go into point B with 5 minutes still in the clock. The synergy between Jongryeol “Saebyeolbe” Park’s Tracer and Lee “WhoRU” Seung-jun’s Echo allows the Excelsior to move through point B. The Dragons are able to stabilize and mount a good passive defense on point B. New York eventually takes point B with 3 minutes left on the clock. The Dragons nearly shut down the Excelsior but in the final seconds of OT New York is able to finish the map.

In the extra rounds, both teams have 1:00 to make as much progress as they can with Shanghai attacking first. The Dragons are able to 39% capture on the point before New York finishes the hold. The Excelsior finds an early de-mech on the Dragon’s D.va then quickly burns them and cleans it up taking the map.

Map 3, Volskaya – Shanghai Dragons

Dragons opening attack pays off after an opening pick on New York’s Tracer, allowing them to take the point in just one minute. They push onto point B with over 5 minutes still on the clock. Lee “LIP” Jae-won has his EMP for the attack and with it, the Dragons take point B and have 4 minutes and 53 seconds left in the timebank.

The Dragon’s mount a much better point A defense than New York. LIP’s EMP hits 5 players and the support is the first to fall. New York does eventually get a kill on the Dragon’s Ana and than Saebyeolbe grabs another two kills. New York takes point B and has Orisa and Echo’s Ultimate Abilities going into point B. However, they aren’t able to get much out of it. New York eventually grinds it out and takes point B, but they have under 1 minute left on the clock.

New York gets 1 minute to take as much progress as they can, but the Dragons keep them at bay. With 5 minutes to take only 33% of point A, the Dragons have time on their side as they take the round and the map.

Map 4, Rialto – Shanghai Dragons

New York starts there attack grinding out against the Dragon’s defense. A Key Roadhog Hook on Sombra as she’s about to EMP followed by a kill by Jjonak on her, allows the Excelsior to take point A. DDing continues to be a thorn in New York’s side with the Echo allows Dragons to stabilize their defense during early point B. The Dragons are able to burn a lot off the clock as they farm stagger kills on New York before they even get across the bridge at point A. The Dragons end up halting the Excelsior yards from point B.

Shanghai starts an aggressive attack with DDing’s Echo quickly grabbing a pick as the payload rolls unhindered to point A. New York gives up point A while they still have players alive and near the point. The Dragons are able to get several staggers as the cart continues to roll into point B. Dragons take the win with almost no resistance as the Excelsior seems to slowly fall apart.

Map 5, Busan – Shanghai Dragons

New York once again isn’t a fielding an Echo for the Control Map and DDing gets a pick on New York’s Winston which allows them to capture the first point. New York is able to eventually take the point back, but the Dragons have already accrued nearly 70%. The Dragons bring it back though and take the first round of the map.

Neither teams field an Echo on MEKA Base for Busan. Instead, they both run the traditional Mei, Reaper composition. The opening brawl goes in favor of the Dragons as they get the first pick on New York’s Mei. The Dragons then take complete control of the tempo of the match. The New York Excelsior isn’t able to get a foot in the door as the Dragons win the map and complete the reverse sweep.

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