On this week’s CheckpointAFK, we about the new Final Fantasy VII Remake hype and our thoughts about the game. Then we discuss the Valorant closed beta and the impact it may have on esports

Final Fantasy VII Remake – Is It Worth The Hype? | CheckpointAFK

This week, the guys discuss the new Final Fantasy 7 Remake and whether it lives up to all the hype. Will this be everything fanboys and fangirls have been wa…

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Final Fantasy VII Remake First Impressions

The only upside to the stay-at-home order is the fact that Final Fantasy VII Remake released last Friday, April 10th. Most of the team has begun playing the game or at least played through the demo. We collectively discuss the ins and outs of the game and if Final Fantasy VII Remake is worth the hype or just an expensive nostalgia play.

Sephiroth in Final Fantasy VII Remake
Image provided by Square-Enix

Catch Robbie play Final Fantasy VII Remake live on the CheckpointXP Twitch channel.

The Valorant Closed Beta

The team received their Valorant closed beta access (all except for one poor unfortunate soul), and they all give their opinion on how the game stacks up against other tactical shooters. When Valorant entered closed beta, the game immediately broke Twitch streaming records.