Screenshot: Activision Blizzard Entertainment

Teased two years ago at Blizzcon 2018, Echo is finally here. In the release cinematic for Ashe, her and the Deadlock gang tried to steal a stasis pod and were foiled by Mcree. Opening the pod revealed Echo, a white android with a blue face that Mcree said Overwatch needed. Two years later she’s here and while some were predicting she may be a new support class, she’s actually a projectile DPS hero.

TimTheTatMan was joined by Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan to show off the new hero on stream. Below are all of her abilities and clips of Tim using them in action.

Echo’s Abilities

Glide (Passive Ability):

Similar to Mercy, Echo can glide through the air. She falls much more quickly compared to Mercy, but Echo can also move horizontally through the air much faster.

Flight (Shift Key):

Echo’s shift ability launches her in the direction of the player’s choice, including straight up to make use of her glide. This allows Echo to get to hard to reach positions or get to someplace far away fast. It also makes her an interesting counter to Pharah. This ability has a cool down of 6 seconds.
Tri-Shot (Primary Fire):

A three-projectile blast that deals 17 damage per hit. Fires in a triangle pattern. Currently the projectile’s do not have any fall off damage.

Sticky Bomb (Secondary Fire):

Echo fires off six sticky bombs in rapid succession and they deal 5 damage on hit. Then they explode one second later for 30 damage each. The ability has a cool down of 6 seconds.

Focusing Beam (E Key):

Echo fires a 20-meter beam for 2.5 seconds. It deals 50 damage per second until it targets a player or barrier with less than half health. If the target is at or below 50% health it deals 200 damage per second. This ability has an 8 second cool down.

Duplicate (Ultimate):

Echo transforms into a targeted enemy hero and has 650% Ultimate generation rate. This ultimate allows her access to the duplicated heroes abilities for 15 seconds, including their ultimate if you can generate it within 15 seconds. If Echo is killed in this form she reverts back to her normal form. Duplicate does not work on other Echos.

Echo has 200 health and a ‘clip’ size of 15. The official overview on the PlayOverwatch website describes Echo as “an evolutionary robot programmed with a rapidly adapting artificial intelligence, versatile enough to fill multiple battlefield combat roles.” Echo is currently available to test on the Public Test Realm for Overwatch.

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