Riot Announces Return Of LCS

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Over the weekend, you may have noticed a major absence in your esports diet. The League of Legends LCS had remained one of the last holdouts in the face of COVID-19. However, coronavirus has collected its due from Riot as well. As of the weekend, the LCS has officially been suspended indefinitely.

The LCS was certainly not alone as a number of leagues, both in traditional sports and esports, have halted operations during the outbreak. COVID-19 continues to spread across the globe, and many in the United States are going to great lengths to flatten the curve. The NHL, NBA, MLB, and MLS have all suspended operations until further notice. In esports, most major events have been cancelled or postponed, including ESL One Los Angeles, Overwatch League Homestands, and CS:GO tournaments. It’s worth noting that Overwatch League will be resuming play this weekend, but only with online match-ups between teams.

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An update on the 2020 LCS & Academy Spring Split from Chris Greeley, LCS Commissioner

League of Legends is officially bringing the LCS back this weekend, utilizing online play. Much like what Overwatch League is doing, games will continue to be played remotely. Teams will pick up with the week 8 matches this weekend, although Monday Night League games will be shifted to Saturday and Sunday. In addition, Academy Rush is being shuttered for the time being and Academy games will be aired back to back. The post doesn’t specifically mention the Spring Playoffs, except for their scheduled dates. We can only assume those are going to be played remotely as well.

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